The Big Read – Fahrenheit 451

Ah, the day of the big keynote for the Big Read is fast approaching and author Mike is hard at work finalizing all the details for an entertaining and thought-provoking speech called “I Blame Ray Bradbury” — a tongue-and-cheek look into uber-author Ray Bradbury’s iconic work – Fahrenheit 451

Jumpstreet coordinator Cindy Dlugolecki has been equally hard at work lending her shoulder to the proverbial grindstone, and making sure all the niggling details have been hammered out. BRAVO CINDY!!!

The program begins at 2:00 PM this Saturday, November 21st at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore on 3rd Street in Harrisburg. It’s right across from the Broad Street Market. Keep in mind that the store moved last September, so those of you counting on your GPS to guide the way may find yourselves a few blocks up the street. Fear not! Just come down 3rd or set your navicomputer to the Broad Street  Market.

My advice is to come early and drink in both the atmosphere and/or some hot coffee or tea. The Midtown also offers desserts and such that are pretty good.

I’ll look for you there!!!