Summer Daze

The summer’s flown by, and I’ve been intentionally ignoring my blogging duties to do a rewrite of The Gospel of Matthias Kent. This all came about when I got a very nice rejection notice from a publisher letting me know that they liked the story, but had some issues. So, I took into account what they said and made the story much stronger. Ah, rejection – the fire that tempers the steel, and revision – the stone that sharpens the edge.  The reworked manuscript has been resubmitted. Now, the waiting. Uh.

After that, I delved into a World War II story based on real events. While it sounds like the same old thing, I can guarantee you a thrilling, thoughtful, and immersive tale of two enemies who must work together to save thousands of lives. My research into the circumstances leading up to this event has been nothing short of fascinating. I can hardly wait to get it all down on paper.