It Came From Beyond the Sun (An Anthology of Tabloid Sci Fi 2009)
A delightful compendium of all 28 Sun tabloid Sci Fi Stories.
Krant Versus Krant (Honorable Mention Allegory Ezine 2009)
A day in the life of integalactic divorce arbitrator Galivan Delando – Esquire.
Betrayal in Three Acts (1400 Words – Available)
A modern melodrama.
Mourning Portraits (Available – Honorable Mention Interact Theater 2008)
The focused tale of two men coming together for a shared purpose.
The Perfect Specimen (Published by The American Sun Magazine 2008)
Finding out that a woman is out-of-this-world isn’t always a good thing.
The Ends of the Earth (Ordered by The American Sun Magazine but unpublished.)
A descendent of Christopher Columbus unlocks a family secret.
Off Course (Ordered by The American Sun Magazine but unpublished)
An alien expedition to Earth goes horribly wrong.
It’s All in the Presentation (Published by The Sun Magazine 2007)
A major with a mission and a chef with an attitude clash when the fate of the world is on the table.
The Thirteenth Revision (Published by The Sun Magazine 2007)
A young writer finds out that his Science Fiction story is closer to Science Fact.
The Last Edition (Under Contract)
Can a reporter for a sensational tabloid convince his editor that the world is really going to end?
Starting From Scratch (Amazon Shorts 2006)
Mike Daniels, Abby and some of the cast from the Lazy Dog Mystery Series race to find the person responsible for a theft committed in front of hundreds of onlookers. (A Lazy Dog Tale available only on!)
Overdone (Published by The Sun Magazine 2006)
A quick trip for some earthly take-out frustrates the living daylights out of an alien troupe.
Just a Little Tug (Published by The Sun Magazine 2006)
Two intrepid asteroid miners wrestle with an oversized load.
Gone Fishing (Published by The Sun Magazine 2006)
Three fishermen, out for a pleasant night’s angling, are abducted by a merciless alien.
Home Invasion (Published by The Sun Magazine 2006)
Officer Josh Sheaffer is faced with a distraught man armed with a shotgun and loaded with the idea that the Earth will be invaded at any moment.
Flight Test (Published by The Sun Magazine 2006)
The trials and tribulations of a flight cadet’s final exam under the watchful eye of Supervisor Vlorg come to light in this rollicking tale.
The Last Transport to Zumel-VI (Published by The Sun Magazine 2006)
Warrior Nestirk and his mate, Dyan, face a spaceport full of angry aliens in a desperate bid to escape.
Running in Circles (Published by The Sun Magazine 2006)
Jim, an old farmboy, deals with some pranksters in the good old Kansas way.
A Real Sweetheart (Available)
Will Tessa find a new leash on life in the arms of Trevor when her faithful dog is injured?
Gettysburg Address (Published by The Sun Magazine 2006)
A pair of lost Civil War reenactors confront aliens on the battlefields near Gettysburg.
Prophet and Loss (Published by The Sun Magazine 2006)
Michael tinkers with the space-time continuum with predictable results.
The Library of Alexandria (Published by The Sun Magazine 2005)
Can the last library on Earth survive in a world gone mad?
Open All Night (Published by The Sun Magazine 2005)
Carla, a pharmacist, finds new meaning in the term, “hair-raising.”
Wildlife (Published by The Sun Magazine 2005)
A wildlife biologist becomes prey when she gets too close to her subjects.
Field Assignment (Published by The Sun Magazine 2005)
Nerak, an interplanetary scientist, must undertake a desperate mission to Earth.
First Footprints (Published by The Sun Magazine 2005)
Imagine being the first person to set foot on Mars.
Hoops and Dreams (Published by The Sun Magazine 2005)
Two brothers share their dream with an otherworldly visitor.
A Change in the Weather (Published by The Sun Magazine 2005)
The program director of a global weather control system must deal with the consequences of technology run amok.
Tractors and Other Relics (Published by The Sun Magazine 2005)
An aging pilot deals with the stresses of keeping the space lanes clean.
The Rules of Marcus McGee (Published by The Sun Magazine 2005)
Two pest control professionals deal with a shocking infestation.
The Laurel of Solon (Published by The Sun Magazine 2005)
An aged sports mentor recounts an unearthly encounter of Olympic proportions.
The Last Day in the Life of Henry Dodd (4th Place – Cloak & Dagger Contest)
Henpecked Henry Dodd, a suspect in an embezzlement case, is confronted by authorities of all kinds. (Published by in June 2006.)
Prospecting (Published by The Sun Magazine 2004)
A pair of prospectors have a run in with a visitor from another world.
The Rushin (Published by Art and Soul 2005)
Andre Tezik finds out the hard way that being in a hurry can have dire consequences.
To the Rescue (Published by Art and Soul 2004)
Two overly zealous birding fanatics find out the real meaning of the Environmental Protection Act.
Lillian’s Garden (Published by Art and Soul 2005)
Frail old Lillian soils the reputation of a vacuum cleaner salesman.
What Luke Said (4149 words – AVAILABLE)
A modern Christmas story as told by Dr. Paul Shepard when he and his wife are marooned in a snowbound motel along with gangsters, cherubs, and of course, a baby. (Shameless self-promotion, but this one would make a GREAT TV special for the holidays.)
Mine Eyes (7423 words – AVAILABLE)
Mitch, a man with one foot on a landmine, passes the time remembering his life in this story of an apocalyptic future.
The Solace of Storms (1958 words – AVAILABLE)
A World War II POW finds salvation in the eyes of a storm.
On Pins and Needles (2259 words – AVAILABLE)
Can a serial killer find redemption via a new vocation?
Soul Dead Man (707 words – AVAILABLE)
Soul Dead Man lives his life one beer at a time while he dwells on a life lived in mediocrity.
The Appointment (Published by Phase 2004)
A master salesman cuts the best deal of his life during an appointment with Death. (The Appointment was published in the smart, sexy, and altogether cool pages of Phase Literary Magazine’s Winter 2004 edition. Phase is a high quality literary mag with high productions values.)
Impersonators (Published by Art and Soul 2003)
The aftermath of a writer’s convention that has to compete with a bevy of Elvis impersonators is examined by two of the participants.
Page Turner (Published by Art and Soul 2003)
An auction hound reads too much into her latest bargain.The Page Turner and Impersonators were published in Art and Soul’s fall edition by the forward thinking Department of Surgery for the Pinnacle Health System primarily for its employees and volunteers.

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