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  One-hundred-fifty years from now, up-and-coming advertising executive Matthias Kent sells both sin and redemption to the masses under the watchful eye of the Synod, a theocracy that dominates life in a fractured America. But the country is down to its last loaf and fish, and there are no more miracles unless you are rich and powerful.

      That is, until Matthias Kent undertakes a forbidden journey, and unearths a secret so explosive that it tears his pampered life apart. With the murderous forces of the Synod closing in, Matthias confronts a bitter choice — surrender, or all-out-war.



“One of the most unusual and best books I’ve read in a long time.”

Deborah Beamer – owner of the Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Shop

“Skillful… Satisfying…”  Dennis Royer – author

“Wow!”  George Appelt – author


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