Letting Go

There’s a moment at the begining of the publishing process I call, ‘Letting go.’ This is that terror-filled second where your mouse-clicking finger hovers over that left mouse button, as the onscreen arrow jabs the word “Send.”

This is the point where you commit your manuscript – your passion – your characters – your strengths – your weaknesses – your BABY – to someone else. It’s hard to let go.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited as all-get-out to begin the editing process that will bring The Gospel of Matthias Kent to the bookshelf, but now it’s all for keeps, so to speak. I can’t go back and constantly meddle with my character’s lives, or twirl sentences around my mouth to make sure each and every one comes out sounding just right.

But letting go is the only way to let your characters breathe, to let them spell out their lives in a world of ink and paper, one word at a time in a reader’s mind.

And that, fellow writers, is what it’s all about.