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Chow Chow Mein — A Lazy Dog Mystery

by Mike Silvestri

A sweet and sour tale of murder.

The murder of a friend plunges Mike Daniels into the sordid schemes of snakeheads and gypsy blacktoppers. Can Mike unravel the layers of deceit concealing hs friend’s violent death while trying to find the perfect accounting software? Will Mike give Bill Renard a decent story this time? Will Jen give Mike the Peking Duck? And when, oh when, will he feed Abby on time? Read Chow Chow Mein to find out.

The manuscript for Book Two of the Lazy Dog Mystery Series is finished and awaiting a publishing home. Please contact Author Mike if you are an agent or publisher interested in obtaining the manuscript for evaluation.

Bark of the Tree – A Lazy Dog Mystery

by Mike Silvestri

A romp in the woods on a trail that leads to murder.Bark of the Tree Cover

Trail runner, computer analyst (with a capital A-N-A-L), and clueless everyman Mike Daniels stumbles onto the deadly aftermath of a tryst gone wrong, entwining him in a decades-old political intrigue that leaves him literally running for his life in the Central Pennsylvania woods. Can Mike unearth the reasons behind the murder? Will he ever give reporter Bill Renard a decent story? Will his girlfriend Jen show him some of the more imaginative uses for chocolate fudge ice cream topping? And, when, oh when, will he ever feed Abby, the laziest Shetland Sheepdog ever, on time? Read the tale of Bark of the Tree – A Lazy Dog Mystery to find out. ISBN:1572493674

Bark of the Tree & Chow Chow Mein are the first two of four novels that chronicle the life of hapless computer analyst Mike Daniels and an ensemble cast as they deal with Mike’s penchant for falling into trouble. So, check back for your opportunity to order the next installment of The Lazy Dog Mysteries.

Here’s what people are saying about Bark of the Tree:

Ann Elia Stewart – Editor, PHASE literary magazine

“Bark of the Tree” is a richly detailed page turner, ripped from the headlines of the sordid side of politics with all its undercurrents of power and greed. Author Mike Silvestri captures the Everyman essence of hero Mike Daniels as he unravels the mysteries of a burial-in-progress he unwittingly stumbles upon during a morning run through the woods. Daniels’ investigation turns up a surprising Kingpin, leading to the book’s heart pounding climax. Once you pick up Bark of the Tree, settle in. You won’t be able to put it down until the final page.”

Dennis Royer – Author of “Stranger”

In his debut novel, “Bark of the Tree,” author Mike Silvestri crafts an engaging plot filled with vivid characters, easily remembered long after finishing the last page. For example, while unraveling the mystery, the protagonist crosses paths with an oversexed, matriarchal, sketch artist who lives to play bingo, a girlfriend with a chocolate fudge fetish, a high-maintenance Shetland Sheepdog, and a stuffed bear named Stella. Sprinkling quirky characters into an otherwise serious story represents a fresh departure from tired, cookie-cutter mysteries that have worn out the genre. This author has found a formula that works, sure to leave his readers eager for the next novel of the series.

And don’t forget the Cover Artist…

Special thanks goes to Gretchen Strang-Giordano for her excellent cover design. Gretchen’s artwork spans several mediums from canvas to cow. Her ‘Capitol Tile Cow’ graced the Pennsylvania Capitol’s rotunda during the 2004 Central Pennsylvania Cow Parade. Gretchen has participated in the capitol’s wonderful restoration and does interior design and furniture adornment.