Gnus of the Whirled – Upping the eReader Ante

All Things Digital interviewed none other than media mogul Rupert Murdock recently. The publishing giant told the reporter that his techies were mulling a 4-color eReader to enter the competitive fray led by Sony and Amazon.

Add to that a similar move by Hearst Publishing and you have some new and unlikely players in the eReader market. gnu2

The real question here is just which part of the market are they trying to reach? After all, both Murdock and Hearst sell news. Will consumers flock to eReaders built by said companies? Or, will consumers look to as-yet-unnamed tech companies offering the best bang for the buck?  The future is cloudy at best. It remains to be seen that media companies like Hearst and Murdock can lure readers onto their platforms when there are so many alternatives including low-cost netbooks and smartphones. If nothing else, their entry could spawn the same kind of lower-cost and richer feature set that other technologies have already experienced.