Gnus of the Whirled – No Middle Ground

The Wall Street Journal reports two Kindle tidbits.

The first is that the American Association of People with Disabilities and the National Federation or the Blind are raising cane (sic) over Amazon’s limiting of its text-to-speech feature. They were apparently insensed enough to show up at the Authors’ Guild Headquarters to stage a protest. The Authors’ Guild, if you recall, urged Amazon to curb the text-to-speech feature – which Amazon did. 

The second part of the report highlighted a price rebellion by Kindle users due to the upcreep in eBook prices. (Please go to the WSJ site for the full enlightening article.)

Both of these items illustrate a healthy dose of consumer wrath from those pesky unintended consequences that always appear. Curb a feature to satisfy one group and you upset another group.  Price up eBooks and you invite protest. gnu2

The Information Technology professional in me questions why some eBooks are as pricey as they are. (Remember that publishers set the price, not Amazon.) They require no printing presses, paper, ink, shelf space, overproduction, inventory,  remaindering, or returns to deal with. Distribution is Delivery on Demand – a publisher’s golden goose. But the price creep tempts consumers to the dark side to find ways around the security and protection schemes. Keeping the price reasonable will encourage consumers to stay legal, buy more, keep the writing business a paying profession.

Hopefully, publishers will hear the will of the people and not get their golden goose made in to pate’.