Gnus of the Whirled – Ebook Wars Heat Up

gnu2When two sides enter a conflict, much can be told about each combatant by what they stockpile before a battle.

Case in point is an Associated Press report stating that Google is making available over 500,000 out-of-copyright books in unencrypted EPUB format for the Sony eReader. (EPUB is the de facto industry standard for eInk style devices.) This catapults the Sony eReader into the lead of available titles and it looks like these books will be available for free. What’s more is that these books aren’t just available for the Sony, they are available on pretty much any gadget that can handle a PDF.

The Amazon Kindle can handle unencrypted EPUB files, but the must be sent through a conversion where a fee is charged to transmit it to your device.

So eReaders, there you have it – Sony/Google on one side stockpiling 500,000+ older books versus Amazon’s 250,000+ inventory of more current & popular titles. Free or fee? Where will you read it – computer, eReader, or Smartphone?

And to think – it’s all just beginning…