The Verdict Is In

I had my first opportunity to meet with a formal group of readers who’ve adopted The Gospel of Matthias Kent as their monthly selection. Their verdict? Unanimous approval. The discussion with the Camp Hill Barnes & Noble Mystery Group ranged from their favorite parts of the book, to their own personal viewpoints about religion, government, [...]

And So It Begins…

September 1st marks the Official Launch Date of The Gospel of Matthias Kent. While advance copies of the book have been available via Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Shop, the doors now swing open wide to the likes of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders. (Mech. Mystery STILL leads this competitive pack by having the lowest price!!!) The eBook is also available in [...]

Full House

Author Mike wishes to thank Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Shop owner Deb and her trusty sidekick Jay for hosting her annual Ice Cream Social and Author Booksigning. Deb’s devoted readers literally filled EVERY seat in the room and were a wonderful group to talk with. Authors Dave, John, Dennis, and Author Mike had a grand time [...]


The buzz over The Gospel of Matthias Kent grows stronger every day. Case in point is the Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Shop, who’s placed Gospel on its homepage as “This Month’s Special.” This comes on top of greatly positive reviews from fellow authors and readers from CentralPA, Atlanta, Memphis, and, now, Chicago. Take the journey with [...]

The First Reading Group

Good news and great personal reviews are coming in every week from readers who’ve read The Gospel of Matthias Kent. Today, Author Mike received a request to meet with the Mystery Readers of the Camp Hill Barnes & Noble for a discussion of the book to be held in August. Yes, that means they’re selecting Gospel [...]

Early Reviews

Readers who took the plunge into the advance copies of The Gospel of Matthias Kent are reporting how much they’ve enjoyed the book. One of them, sci fi fan and author of the Perry County Mystery Series Dennis Royer, went so far as to post a wonderful review of the Gospel on the SusquehannaWriters website on July 9th, [...]


Draumr Publishing has announced the print release of The Gospel of Matthias Kent on September 1st, 2010!!! After a long winter of edits and prep work, my very cool editor Robert gave Gospelhis blessing. Cover design is complete and pre-release work-ups are on the way for review. You can check out the Novels page for [...]

The Carlisle Theater

Author Mike and Susquehanna Writers members, Tina Crone, Don Helin, and John Sprunk, had a great time discussing Fahrenheit 451 as a part of Jumpstreet’s Big Read this past Saturday. It was great to talk about so many aspects of the book versus the film as well as getting the audience’s take on what Ray [...]

Booksigning – Bookworm Bookstore

Rae and Sam have invited me out to the Bookworm Bookstore in the Lemoyne Farmers Market on Saturday, December 5th, from 9:00 AM until noon to sign copies of It Came From Beyond the Sun, my anthology of tabloid sci fi. The Bookworm is one of those great bookstores  of collectible, used, and new books [...]

Book Signing at the Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Shop

Author Mike will be appearing at the Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Shop on Sunday, November 22nd, 2009, from 2:00 – 4:00 PM to sign and share his anthology of tabloid sci fi, It Came From Beyond the Sun.         .