Early Reviews

Readers who took the plunge into the advance copies of The Gospel of Matthias Kent are reporting how much they’ve enjoyed the book. One of them, sci fi fan and author of the Perry County Mystery Series Dennis Royer, went so far as to post a wonderful review of the Gospel on the SusquehannaWriters website on July 9th, [...]

Harrisburg Book Festival

The Midtown Scholar hosts the first annual book fair in Harrisburg’s historic Midtown on Saturday and Sunday, June 26th & 27th. Author Mike will be on hand from 1-4 on Saturday during the Fiction portion of the event that brings in more than 50 regional authors to meet, greet and speak with Harrisburg’s amazing reading [...]

The Box

The postman dropped off a box last week. You know how they all look – ubiquitous dirt brown bound in shiny plastic tape. Ordinary. Mundane. God knows I’ve received enough of them in the mail. Yet this one’s arrival filled me with equal parts suspense and glee. Why? The return address belonged to my publisher, [...]

The Carlisle Theater

Author Mike and Susquehanna Writers members, Tina Crone, Don Helin, and John Sprunk, had a great time discussing Fahrenheit 451 as a part of Jumpstreet’s Big Read this past Saturday. It was great to talk about so many aspects of the book versus the film as well as getting the audience’s take on what Ray [...]

Congrats to Cate Masters!!!

Cate Masters dropped the big, big Gnus that her urban fantasy novel, Surfacing, has been picked up for print publication by Whiskey Creek Press sometime next year. Surfacing is a book about a man, a mermaid, and Rock & Roll amidst the touristy kitsch of a sleepy, seaside Florida town. Way to go, Cate!!!


I hope the holidays have been good to each and every one of you out there. I know they were good to me. It’s been a happily hectic time full of family and friends and NOT posting things to my web page. To catch everybody up, Author Mike spent a great evening attending the play [...]

Keynote & Booksigning Recap

A good crowd turned out at the Midtown Scholar Bookshop for Author Mike’s riff on Ray Bradbury’s impact on our present day world. Among the attendees were various and sundry members of the Pennwriters and Susquehanna Writers. Judging by the lack of boos and hurled vegetables, everyone enjoyed the speech. Thanks to Cindy Dlugolecki and everyone at [...]

Book Signing at the Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Shop

Author Mike will be appearing at the Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Shop on Sunday, November 22nd, 2009, from 2:00 – 4:00 PM to sign and share his anthology of tabloid sci fi, It Came From Beyond the Sun.         .

Support Jumpstreet – 10004422

The above number is NOT the anti-Christ in hexadecimal, nor is it this week’s winner lottery number. Just what it it? It’s the number you should give to the person at the register of your local Barnes & Noble on Saturday, October 24th, 2009. By giving them that number, a portion of the proceeds goes to support Jumpstreet. [...]


Author Mike made a brief appearance (time-wise, not undergarments-wise) at the Jumpstreet Spectrum Awards Breakfast to invite everyone to the Big Read Keynote on November 21st, 2009 at 2:00 PM at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore on 3rd Street in Harrisburg, PA. The Spectrum Awards are Jumpstreet’s way of recognizing community and business leaders for their amazing and [...]