First Place in the Central PA Magazine Short Story Contest

Mike’s entry won First Place honors in this year’s Central PA Magazine Short Story Contest!!! The story, Mourning Portraits, was chosen by critically acclaimed Pushcart winner Benjamin Percy, Writer-in-Residence at York College of Pennsylvania, Dr. Travis Kurowski, Directory of Creative Writing at York College of Pennsylvania, Kathleen Pavelko, President and CEO of WITF, Ted Sickler, Editor [...]

What to Do – What to Do

Earthburst by Dennis Royer or Shepherds Fall by George Appelt. Which do I read first?!?!??

Grove Family Library Celebration

This Thursday, February 3rd, 2011, the Grove Family Library in Chambersburg, PA, will be hosting an Author’s Night from from 6-8 PM to celebrate the library’s 5th anniversary. On hand will be me, fellow SusquehannaWriters Cate Masters & Ken Gibble, Dody Meyers, Eileen Graham, and that great lady who always has a recipe for a good mystery, [...]

Celebrate the Book

Author Mike will be on hand in the Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Shop’s stall #45 from 11:30 AM until 1:00 PM at the Celebrate the Book event held at the Carlisle Exo Center. This day-long event benefits the Bosler Library and boasts such glitteratti as John Grogan of Marley and Me fame. In addtion, there will be [...]

Full House

Author Mike wishes to thank Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Shop owner Deb and her trusty sidekick Jay for hosting her annual Ice Cream Social and Author Booksigning. Deb’s devoted readers literally filled EVERY seat in the room and were a wonderful group to talk with. Authors Dave, John, Dennis, and Author Mike had a grand time [...]

Better Than Books?

Okay, what’s better than settling down on a summer’s eve to read a book to the accompaniement of cicadas? The answer is settling down with that book and having ice cream!!! That’s exactly what the Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Shop has in store on Sunday, August 8th, 2010 beginning at 2:00 PM. Five authors will be on hand to discuss [...]


Due to a death in the family, Author Mike will not be attending the AuthorChat at the New Cumberland Public Library this Thursday. He will, however, be attending the WordArt reading on Saturday.


The best authors are transparent, their phrasing and word use as deft as an artist’s brush. Their art paints the lives of their characters, while we, the readers, follow the flow of their work in silence. But I do wonder sometimes just how the author might phrase their work aloud, what they’d emphasize, how they’d [...]


The buzz over The Gospel of Matthias Kent grows stronger every day. Case in point is the Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Shop, who’s placed Gospel on its homepage as “This Month’s Special.” This comes on top of greatly positive reviews from fellow authors and readers from CentralPA, Atlanta, Memphis, and, now, Chicago. Take the journey with [...]

The First Reading Group

Good news and great personal reviews are coming in every week from readers who’ve read The Gospel of Matthias Kent. Today, Author Mike received a request to meet with the Mystery Readers of the Camp Hill Barnes & Noble for a discussion of the book to be held in August. Yes, that means they’re selecting Gospel [...]