Photo by Peterson
Born to Michael and Margaret in the quaint environs of New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, Mike Silvestri honed his writing skills at an early age when he used lipstick to comment on his older sister’s extensive early sixties 45 RPM record collection, a fact his sister still reminds him of to this day.

Writing reemerged in Mike’s life during his elder daughter’s turbulent pursuit of an English Degree where nouns and verbs were the subject of much action. Hoping to bring his writing skills into sharper focus, Mike joined the local Pennwriters group and partook in that time honored tradition, the Read and Critique. (Or, as it is known in some circles, mutual flagellation.)

During the spring of 2002, Mike’s first article appeared in the very cool pages of CentralPA Magazine. Soon afterward, his award winning stories, essays, and poetry were popping up in everything from literary journals to tabloids. Mike launched his maiden mystery novel, Bark of the Tree (published by Whitemane Publishing) in the fall of 2004.

Mike lives near the great city of Harrisburg, PA, has been married since 1978 to the most understanding woman on the planet, and is blessed with two daughters. They share their abode with two rambunctious Golden Retrievers. Mike is a systems analyst for a German company, who owns a Philadelphia-based healthcare software services provider stationed at a Harrisburg hospital. Mike is (or has been) a trail runner, volleyball player, marathoner, backpacker, triathlete, hang glider pilot, white water rafter, cyclist, sailing instructor, and Star Wars fan as well as an author with an affinity for a good red wine and Hershey’s chocolate.