Forget saving the universe.

Take a walk on the tabloid side of science fiction where technologically superior aliens get lost, rednecks battle other-worldly invaders, and the Earth’s sole contribution to galactic well-being is divorce litigation without nukes.
Only in the pages of these pulpy, over-the-top, short stories can you blast a rabid vork, prevent global catastrophe by a weather machine run amok, cause an ice age, or have to clean up for a Nardian Hypotrich named “Pooky.”
Author Mike Silvestri turns high-concept Sci Fi on its ear flaps when he rips 28 of his humorous and altogether thought-provoking tales out of the supermarket checkout lane and puts them into your webbed fingers to read and enjoy. (ISBN: 978-1448688975)

It Came from Beyond the Sun may be purchased at in either Print or Kindle editions. Click on the link below to to order yours now!!!

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------Print Edition------

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