And So It Begins…

perf5.500x8.500.inddSeptember 1st marks the Official Launch Date of The Gospel of Matthias Kent. While advance copies of the book have been available via Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Shop, the doors now swing open wide to the likes of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders. (Mech. Mystery STILL leads this competitive pack by having the lowest price!!!) The eBook is also available in ePub and Kindle formats for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Sony readers.

I’ve got to admit that it’s VERY cool to see the cover art and synopsis appearing all over the web. Add to that a newly constructed Amazon Author Page complete with video trailer, and Gospel is on its way.  

Signing dates for the fall are filling in fast with events happening at Aaron’s in Lititz, Borders Camp Hill on Black Friday, and the Celebrate the Book Literary Event (at the Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Shop Pavilion) to benefit Bosler Library in Mechanicsburg. Plus more signing events are in the works, so keep your eye on the Events Page to get your signed copy of The Gospel of Matthias Kent.